Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the list below of the most frequently asked questions about FHC short term cross cultural trips.

If you have a question that has not been addressed, please feel free to contact us directly.

    • Deposit ($110 non-refundable paid online)
    • Completed short term online mission application  
    • Signed liability waiver and global partner waiver   
    • 3 color copies of a valid passport (or documentation showing it is being acquired/renewed) 
    • Completed FHC background check paperwork  
    • Any country-specific paperwork
  • All trip participants are required to have a valid passport. A passport is considered valid if it meets the following criteria:

    • Does not expire within 6 months of the trip return date
    • Minimum of 2 blank visa pages
    • The bearer of the passport has signed it, in the designated area.

    If participants do not have a valid passport, they should begin the passport application process before the short term missions application process, as it may take 3-4 months to receive a new passport. If you do not have a valid passport, documentation of passport application or renewal must be provided. Trip participants who have not acquired a passport by 4 months prior to the departure date may forfeit their place on the trip and will be responsible for any trip fees and/or charges that have been incurred.

    To apply for a passport visit U.S Passports and International Travel

  • Each trip requires a different set of criteria, and it is important that we place participants on trips where they will best fit the needs of that trip and our global partners. GoGlobal short term cross cultural mission trips are planned for individuals, age 18 and older, unless approved by the GoGlobal Director. (FHC ADVANCE plans trips for middle and high school students.) If potential applicants have health concerns or other related issues, please have them discuss those with the GoGlobal Director before starting the trip application process.

  • You do not have to be a member of a FHC LifeGroup to join a trip; however, LifeGroups desiring to travel together will be given a higher priority than individuals.

  • Each trip’s cost will vary depending on destination and type of trip. Trip participants are required to raise 100% of the cost of the trip prior to the trip departing. Trip participants that have not submitted the required trip funds will not be eligible to travel. Deadlines are set to meet financial commitments for airline tickets, lodging, and ground transportation.

    We encourage raising funds through a online fundraising profile page provided to each trip participant, through handwritten support letters, and team fundraising activities. We discourage individuals from paying for their trip out of pocket, because there is something incredible about completely trusting God to provide for monetary needs. However, if a trip participant still desires to fund their own trip, we suggest that they consider sending out support letters to help others on the team raise funds. Please note: Forest Hill Church does not permit the use of church facilities for fundraising activities.

  • We strongly encourage trip participants to utilize their online fundraising profiles as their means to introduce supporters to the upcoming trip. Each trip participant will be able to edit and share their online fundraising profile page, where supporters can read about Forest Hill Church, the mission of the trip, the global partner and make online contributions to the individual and to the team.

    Optionally, support checks can be mailed directly to Forest Hill Church (Attn: GoGlobal, 7224 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28210). Checks should be made payable to “Forest Hill Church” with the name of the trip (not the trip participant’s name) on the memo line.  FHC will process checks, as well as online donations, and keep a detailed account of what has been donated to each trip participant.

  • Included in trip cost: 

    • Airfare  Food and lodging 
    • In-country transportation 
    • Travelers insurance , visas and country entrance/exit tax 
    • Team project fund   
      • Construction   
      • Community Outreach   
      • Community Development 
    • Agency administrative fee

    Not included in trip cost:

    • Immunizations
    • Passport fee(s)
    • Spending money
    • Food/Drink while traveling to/from destinations
    • Medical expenses in the event of injury or illness while in-country (It is imperative that each trip participant have their own personal health insurance and each team will carry travel insurance.)

    Any monies that are raised over the cost of a trip participant’s trip will go towards the team reaching its overall goal, covering the cost of supplies for the trip, or will be used in a manner decided upon by FHC and the global partner.  No money will be refunded and it will be used strictly for the partnership for which it is raised.

  • There are individual financial responsibilities if a trip participant must cancel their trip, for any reason. Expenses for the trip, including airfare, are paid 45 days prior to departure. The non-refundable, $110 deposit that was paid during the application process will go towards the trip expenses and the trip participant will be required to reimburse the church for the remaining balance. The deadline for funds will be made clear and communicated through the team leader.

  • Yes. Each trip participant is required to sign a liability waiver form for Forest Hill Church and the global partner.

  • Forest Hill Church is not responsible for short term trip participant immunizations; however, we strongly recommend that each trip participant follow the CDC guidelines for immunizations for the country they are traveling to. Some countries will not allow entry without documentation that ensures the suggested immunizations have been received. Please visit the Center for Disease Control & Prevention website ( for the most current list.

    Trip participants should see their personal health care provider, the local health department and/or Passport Health for individual assessments and to receive shots and prescriptions. The provider and their personal health insurance company can assist with determining cost and coverage. It can take up to six months (or longer) to complete the immunization process, so trip participants should begin as soon as possible.


  • Accommodations vary depending on the location. Flexibility is vital on a short term mission trip.

  • The most effective teams range from 10-15 members. The minimum team size is 5 trip participants, plus the leader.

  • Each trip will have a minimum of 6 team meetings/trainings. Each trip participant is required to attend a minimum of 80% of the meetings or they may forfeit their place on the team. All teams will have trip-specific meetings, a cross-cultural training held at FHC and a debriefing after the trip returns.

  • If your desired trip is full, your application goes onto a “waiting list.” If a leader of another trip is still recruiting for his or her team, they may contact you about joining their trip.

  • All teams must travel together on the same dates, and flights, for team unity and liability reasons. All of the trip departure and arrival dates  are communicated before a participant commits to a trip; however, exact flight times are subject to change.

  • In the event of a medical emergency in-country, the global partner will work to send the trip participant to the closest safe medical facility. If the situation is severe enough for medical evacuation, the GoGlobal team will coordinate with the travel insurance company, and airline, to get the trip participant and a travel companion back to the States as quickly as possible. The GoGlobal team will arrange for short term travel insurance for your specific trip; however, in the event of a medical emergency in-country, personal medical insurance is primary.