Our Missionaries

 The Lord has placed a calling to global missions on several members of our congregation.  It has been a joy to see the excitement within Forest Hill to strengthen our commitment toward supporting long-term missionaries.  We desire to increase the connectivity between Forest Hill and our missionaries throughout the world. Please follow the link below to learn more about our FHC long-term missionaries, and the different ways you can support each of them.

Our Missionaries

Brian and Aleisha Stephens - Our Call to the Czech Republic

Polly Paulson - My Call To Cuba

Gabriel & Janet Smith - Our Call To South Africa

Matt & Elena Toombs - Our Call To Senegal

Howard & Teresa Drew - Our Call To The United Kingdom

Lance & Lisa L. - Our Call To The Middle East

Billy & Kate D - Our Call To Thailand

Tim & Bethany Ely - Our Call to Germany

Leo & Michele Wurschmidt - Our Call To Senegal

Drew & Janna Harding - Our Call To South Africa

Jon & Kristi Nykamp - Our Call To Ethiopia

Chris & Kirsten Furr - Our Call to France and Europe