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Our Call To Ethiopia


We moved to Charlotte in 1993 and soon began attending Forest Hill and felt God speak to us through David. We got involved with a young couples Life group and in 1998, without any real idea what would happen next, we made ourselves completely available to God. He led us first to SIM, in Charlotte, and then to Ethiopia. Nearly 15 years later, we have seen God do amazing things, felt God’s presence with us and continue to experience His peace through all the difficulties. Following God wherever He leads truly is the best path to take.

Ethiopian New Year – September 12, this leap year – brought an official close to summer at MYC. It was a busy summer, filled with lots of great activities for the kids, and capped off with a weeklong program filled with sports, English, crafts, games, songs and Bible teaching. Led by two former short-termers, bringing a team from the UK, their prayer was that there would be lasting fruit in the lives of the kids who heard the Word. And we got a small glimpse of those prayers being answered.

Several young guys, who have been active in the Boys Bible Clubs for years recently asked Jon to give them more in-depth teaching. He met with them a few times and they were eager and invested in reading and learning from the Bible. They pressed for more teaching and Jon asked how often they would like to meet. “Every day!” was the enthusiastic response. So for the next few weeks, until school starts again full time, they are meeting and reading and soaking up all they can. Continue to pray that they would be hungry to learn and apply what God is teaching them.


Prayer Request:

  1. Wisdom, especially for Jon, as he balances a heavy work load as team leader/Director of MYC and many discipleship opportunities.
  2. Team vision and unity as we strive to follow God's lead in a challenging environment.
  3. A project evaluation meeting, continued favor with the government, and work permit renewals for us and other team members.
  4. The Lord to provide the needed funding for MYC and the Ministry Center.



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