Polly Paulson

My Call To Cuba

My passion for missions began on my first short-term mission trip in 2009 when God impressed upon my heart a distinct calling to serve Him and His people. During four short-term trips to Cuba, God began to fill my heart with a love for the country and the people there, and in 2013 I began the process of becoming a full-time missionary to Cuba.

Serving with United World Mission in Cuba is an exciting opportunity and a special one. Following in the footsteps of UWM’s first missionaries, who served in Cuba in the 1940s but had to leave in 1960, I’m blessed to be a part of what God continues to do there.  

As a missionary to Cuba, I enjoy facilitating trips to the island for churches from the United States and working with our various Cuba partners.   However, as a citizen of the United States, I cannot currently live there, so I am based in San José, Costa Rica, where I am working with Edutech Mission, a local ministry that partners with one of our Cuba partners.  As part of the Edutech team, I help facilitate various education and orality (Bible story telling) workshops that are being offered here in Costa Rica and on the island.  Check out the website and/or video link for more information.  I also stay busy teaching Spanish Bible studies and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. 




Email: pollyj.paulson@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polly.paulson


Newsletter Subscription Link: http://eepurl.com/Oo1UL 

Additional links:  http://www.edutechmission.org


Local Mailing Address 

Polly Paulson 
Apartado 2350-870 
San Francisco de Dos Rios, 
San Jose, Costa Rica, America Central  



Online: uwm.org/missionaries/31460 

By mail: United World Mission, P.O. Box 602002 Charlotte, NC 28260-2002 (Include Memo: Paulson 31460)

By Phone: 800-825-5896

Prayer Requests

* That I fix my eyes on God and abide in Him

* That I continue to trust in the Lord’s provision—spiritually, emotionally, and financially

* That I continue to grow in my language skills

* That the Lord continues to open doors for more ministry opportunities in Cuba