Matt & Elena Toombs

Our Call To Senegal

Yessu, sunu Boroom, sunu yaakaar
Jesus, our Lord, our Hope

Matt grew up in Senegal as a missionary kid. Elena grew up in San Diego, CA. They met while attending Christian Heritage College in the San Diego area. Both had intended to be missionary teachers at Dakar Academy. Matt and Elena Toombs are involved in ongoing work in the villages of Senegal, West Africa. They work with two organizations, United World Mission (UWM) and Mission Inter Senegal (MIS). The goal of these organizations is to plant indigenous churches in the villages of Senegal and to bring the gospel to every man, woman, and child so that they can understand it and make a decision based on that understanding. Matt and Elena Toombs are working with the Adopt-a-Village program where church groups commit to a 5 to 7 year relationship with a chosen village.

Children: Silas is 17, Georgianna is 5 and Elliot is 8 

We are from San Diego, CA and are serving with Jesus in Senegal West Africa.

Prayer Request:

We are taking on the Orientation and Debrief of all short term teams that come through the Adopt-a-Village program at MIS. Pray that we do our jobs effectively for His Glory! 

We are still in need of about $900 per month in financial support. Pray as we meet with new churches and groups that the Lord would lead us to the people who want to be a part of what God is doing in Senegal.  Begin praying for the transition back to Senegal, as it will not be easy to go back and leave those we love. Pray we grow deeper in love, trust and dependence on Jesus. He is our Rock and our Fortress.

We are also taking on all the arrival responsibilities for all Adopt-a-Village teams. Pray that the Lord will allow us to do our roles well. 

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